Florence Nightingale was born 200 years

ago  this  month.     Warped  by  Victorian

romanticism  and  our  antiquated  view  of

women, she has been known for generations as

“the lady with the lamp” and was nursing in the terrible hospital conditions during the Crimean War in 1854

Exasperated by inept civil servants and politicians, Florence wrote:

“The three things which all but destroyed the army in Crimea were ignorance, incapacity, and useless rules; and the same thing will happen again, unless future regulations are framed more intelligently, and administered by better informed and more capable officers,”

Although Florence is known mainly for her nursing skills, it is often overlooked that she was a keen advocate of the use of statistics in medicine.

See this short video on the subject - click link HERE 

Perhaps Florence Nightingale would recognise these key principles during this world health emergency.


Recognise our common humanity.

Respect human dignity and preserve life.

Respect peoples human rights.

Think & behave with compassion.

Act with integrity & bring peace to the dying. 

                  OUR VILLAGE HALL

The Village Hall was built after the               II World War  by the villagers who managed to raise the required funds even in such a difficult period.

Through much hard work and sacrifice by the whole community the hall was eventually opened, and has been a great asset to the village ever since.

 The Village Hall is run by an enthusiastic

 committee who are dedicated to ensuring

 that the hall continues to be a

 central part of village life.


 Cheapside Management Committee:

  Dave Batt
  Pam Humphreys
  Andy Blackburn
  Fran Batt

  James Cross

  Jude Blackburn
  Phil Simcock

  Steve Lovelady

Cheapside Village Hall, Cheapside Road, Ascot SL5 7QH

Tel: 07522 104 411

Email: enquiry@cheapsidevillagehall.co.uk

                                            Registered Charity No: 300210

 A Cheapside Village Hall Community Facebook site was set up for us back in 2013

  Please note however, the group administrator in not part of CVH management.


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