The Village Hall was built after the               II World War  by the villagers who managed to raise the required funds even in such a difficult period.

Through much hard work and sacrifice by the whole community the hall was eventually opened, and has been a great asset to the village ever since.

 The Village Hall is run by an enthusiastic

 committee who are dedicated to ensuring

 that the hall continues to be a

 central part of village life.


 Cheapside Management Committee:

  Dave Batt
  Pam Humphreys
  Andy Blackburn

  Khazana Khan & Sajda (second family member)

  Nick Evans

  Fran Batt

  James Cross

  Jude Blackburn
  Phil Simcock

  Steve Lovelady

Cheapside Village Hall, Cheapside Road, Ascot SL5 7QH

Tel: 07522 104 411

Email: enquiry@cheapsidevillagehall.co.uk

                                            Registered Charity No: 300210

 A Cheapside Village Hall Community Facebook site was set up for us back in 2013

  Please note however, the group administrator in not part of CVH management.


                            LINK TO COMMUNITY FACEBOOK